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REVEEN - The Legend Continues!

Reveen The Legend Continues Comedy Hypnotist

REVEEN - The most popular show in the history of Canadian theatre is back starring Ty Reveen. Since 1955 the Reveen Show has been  seen Live On Stage by more than 7 million people all over the world!  Originally created from the man that made hypnosis “hip” around the  world, … but Ty just called him Dad.

Now, “The Next Generation” magician and  hypnotist of the Reveen dynasty  follows in his father's footsteps with  a new “Superconscious Journey” into the marvels of the human mind with  “Reveen” The Legend Continues!

“My father told me at the age of five  that I would one day take over his show because I was passionate about  everything he did. I toured with him for more than 30 years; I performed  with him for about 3000 shows, and was involved with him professionally  in all facets of his career since the mid 1970’s”, says Ty. He learned his craft from the grand  master himself, “the best of the best”. Now, the “new” Reveen Show has  become the “highest grossing” show of its kind performing in front of  “sold out” audiences coast to coast throughout Canada’s top  entertainment circuit.

The Reveen Show is a dynamic demonstration of the powers of the human mind, and it is Absolutely Hilarious! “Families that laugh together - stay  together, so I’m thrilled that so many people of all ages are returning  to see the show, it’s just like the old days.”

The world’s funniest and most amazing stage show is back!

Don’t be left-out, this is a “One Night Only” event!

Be certain you see REVEEN!



Steven Best and cassandra Las Vegas magician illusionists for hire for your next event

Steven Best & Cassandra - Be spellbound by all the magic and  all the illusions, as you witness the most magical show you will ever see --  starring ‘Two Powerhouse Magicians in One Incredible Show!’
Steven  and Cassandra have performed all across the world in over 20 Countries,  from heading their own show for five years in Las Vegas, the  Entertainment Capital of the World, to command performances in Hong Kong  and Thailand. From the moment Steven and Cassandra step out on  stage they will bring the audience into the magic! Magic Spectacular  features grand scale illusions, sleight-of-hand, comedy, and audience  participation making it the most family-friendly magic show in town and  great for all ages. It will send your mind beyond belief and have yourself asking the question: "How did they do that?!"




Cirque Quick Change - Prepare to witness the most magical and popular entertainment in NBA Half Time!  Steven & Cassandra hold the Record Setter World Record for the most costume changes by a due in 60 Seconds!  They never have a problem deciding what to ware and you won't believe your eyes with this truly magical transformation!  No matter the size for staging from a NBA Court, On Ice or a Dance Floor Cirque Quick Change can customize their act to fit your venue! 


Juggling Sensation - MATT HENRY

Matt Henry Juggler Vancouver BC

Matt Henry’s serious skills,  cutting-edge effects, and innovative wit have awed and amused audiences  around the world. He’s a World Juggling Champion who’s rocked the stages  of Hong Kong, London, Tokyo, New York, Paris and Las Vegas. His  one-man-show, which ran for 8,000 performances at Walt Disney World in  Orlando, is perfect for all ages. The original “trained human” and  “master of the unnecessary” will have your audience on the edge of their  seats and rolling in the aisles!